A Photo History

image of James Jones
James Jones

James (Jimmy) Jones and his brother Cecil purchased Foster Lumber from Gilbert Foster in 1946. Here Jim is pictured at the Union Lumber Company in Fort Bragg, circa 1950.

image of James & Cecil
Jim and Cecil Jones circa 1930's

Long before purchasing Foster lumber from Gilbert Foster, the Jones family began their history of working with lumber. Their father, James, hauled lumber in the 30's to survive the great depression.

image of truck loaded with lumber circa 1940        image of old foster delivery truck circa 1940
In-Bound Load Delivery

All the lumber here was loaded, unloaded and stacked by hand. In the 1940's lumber was delivered via roll off trucks, then hand stacked to put away and hand pulled to fill customer orders

foster molding truck
Molding Stock

GMC Cabover load with model stock that was destined to be ran to patterns. Note, 3-digit phone number "251", they were easier to remember back then.

foster window and doors truck
Windows and Doors

Trucking safety regulations were a little bit different in the old days. Here is an in-bound delivery of wood double hung windows, truck is slightly overloaded.

image of the Foster Lumber Yard employees 1940
FLY Family of Employees

(L-R) C. Jones, J. Jones, E. Crowell, P. Lewis, V. Sagasky, M. North, L. Primrose, E. Jones & C. Lunsted. Note, truck colors had changed from black to red and yellow.

Mrs. Foster presents auto race trophy
Community Involvement

Foster Lumber has always been involved in numerous community activities and fundraisers. Here, Betty Jones, or "Mrs. J" as she was often called, presents the winner's trophy at an auto race sponsored by Foster Lumber.

employees enjoying a drink after work
More than a Job

It has been a long tradition to satisfy our customer's needs; there was a time when the company had an in-house cocktail lounge, above Foster Lumber employees enjoy a drink after work. This hard-working group were more than co-workers, they became family. Today it's much the same as it was then (minus the FLY bar...).

employees at the christmas party
Christmas Party

This party is being held at the private company lounge. Building close relationships with our customers has been a practice since 1920. Misunderstandings seldom occur between friends.

original location of Foster Lumber Yard
Original Location of FLY

Corner of Maryland and Napa. The truck is loaded with lumber, roofing and windows destined for a new house project in Vallejo.

Arial view of Lumber Yard
Birds eye View

FLY at the corner of Maryland and Napa in Vallejo, looking west. The yard was small and tight cornered but a lot of lumber went out of there.

Forklift on the yard

The early 50's brought modernization. Here is one of the company's first forklifts. In those days, many forklifts included parts left over from WWII vehicles.

Arial view of Lumber Yard
Early FLY Truck Fleet

As the business grew, so did the fleet of trucks to deliver material to customer's jobsites.

image of Dave Jones, current owner
image of Dave & Steve
Family Traditions Continue

Today, Foster Lumber is part of the Central Valley Family of Companies,
led by Steve Patterson, the third generation President & CEO of Central Valley.
Dave pictured above left. Steve Patterson and Dave above right.